Mailroom Specialist

This series of Certificate Programs are designed for the individuals who are looking for a career in computers. Everyone knows that the workplace of today revolves around computers. What many people don't know is that many computer jobs are going unfilled because of a shortage of trained personnel. Where can you find the specialized instruction you need to get one of these jobs? You will find answers to your specific question in one of Career Technology Center's Computer Programs. Here at CTC, we provide comprehensive and intensive computer training programs for business and individuals. The Certificate program is a set of courses that will provide you with skills to begin a new and exciting, career and to advance in a current position or to promote professional growth. Complete the entire program or take only the course you need to update your skills.

Occupational Titles available after graduation: Mailroom Specialist, Word Processor, Data Entry Operator, Clerical Assistant, Secretary, and Office Assistant.
Code Name of the Course Credits Clock Hours
COMP 100 Introduction to Computers 3 30
COMP 102 Keyboarding/Typing 3 30
OFFICE Introduction to Fax, Copy, Filing, Receipts,
Invoices, Mail
3 30
COMP Microsoft Office (Basic) 12 120
COMP Microsoft Office (Advance) 12 120
COMP 205 Introduction to Internet 3 30
OFFICE Resume Preparation 3 30
  Total Credits 39 390

Credit Details:
1 credit = 10 hours

There are 39 Credits to complete this course.

Lecture Lab Total
Credits Hours Credits Hours Credits Hours
25.6 256 15.6 156 39 390

Total Lecture Credits needed to complete this course: 15.6
Total Lecture hours needed to complete this course: 156

Lectures Details
   1. Introduction to computers
   2. Introduction to Fax, copy and filing.
   3. MS Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage.
   4. Web Browsing, Emails accounts. Search engines.
   5. Resume Types.

Total Lab Credits needed to complete this course: 23.4
Total Lab hours needed to complete this course: 256

   1. Basic computer operations.
   2. Fax machine types and training
   3. Assignments on MS Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage
   4. Internet Browsers, Email Servers and accounts, Search Engines
   5. Resume Preparation.

Total Clock Hours needed to complete the course: 390
Total Credits to complete the course: 39

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